Ipocalypse Podcast

I have recently joined another irc network as I knew some friends that were already on this network which is irc.ipocalypse.net.

I had been talking with a couple of friends from Ipocalypse who when it got mentioned about their podcast that they had restarted every Saturday afternoon at 5pm (UK Time) and mentioned that I would’nt mind being a guest on their show. Anyway to cut a long story short i was invited as a guest for Saturdays show (2nd October) and we met up on the Friday to go through the topics we were going to discuss on the Saturday ( i do like it when podcasts are done this way as you get to know what is going to be discussed on the podcast when it goes live).

A lot had happened this particular week with one of the biggest stories of the week being Tech Crunch being bought by AOL but you can see the topic’s we discussed below:

Tech Cunch news of the year also Tech Crunch and AOL a match made in heaven

Congress Turns Volume Down on Commercials

4chan DDOS to IRA websites Leaks Email database also here

Will Tweetbeat Put an End to Twitter hashtags?

Stupid carry thing for the Ipad (most ridiculous thing i have seen yet)

The Zeus Botnet

ISP scanning customer’s PC’s – What is the real reason for this?

FBI Wants backdoors into encryption communications

As you can see we covered a wide variety of subjects and in all honesty we could have went on quiet easily for alot longer than the hour we had allocated to do this and the time just flew by. I am used to doing podcasts with video however this is the very first podcast I have done with audio only but I thoroughly enjoyed myself.

I would like to thank the staff over at Ipocalypse for a really great time and for inviting me onto their show.

You can listen to the podcast here