Stream your favourite TV Shows and Movies from other countries for free

There is an app for that!!

So you want to watch your favourite TV shows and if you are like me they happen to be in the US. I love to watch airplane repo on the discovery channel but without using a virtual private network or VPN as it is more commonly known I have no chance as they are blocked for various reasons unless you reside in that particular country. With that in mind after doing a little digging around I have found a solution that works reasonably well and it is very very simple to setup and within a few steps you can be up and running and watching your favourite TV shows with in minutes.

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Review CPR CallBlocker

We have all had those calls right? You know the ones the ppi, the free loft insulation (even though I dont have a loft) or cavity insulation ones and the ones I hate most the silent ones that when you pick up the phone and the line goes dead just to mention a few.

This is where CPR CallBlocker comes in and as you can guess by the name it blocks all those annoying calls that you have come to dread receiving. Now CPR CallBlocker is a very small device that sits unobtrusively inbetween your phone’s master socket and the phone itself. As you can see from the picture below it is very small and compact so it will fit virtually anywhere. The current version is v106.

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Applify your life with Parallels Access

Parllels Access

Earlier this week Parallels released Parallels Access for iPad. Parallels has been allowing us to use Windows Applications on the Mac for a while now via Parallels Desktop and then into iOS with Parallels Mobile and now Parallels Access.

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Cloud Storage

With all the plethora of cloud storage providers that is springing onto the market within the last year or two all vying for your business the choice is enormous but how do you pick the right one for yourself? This is something I sat back one day and had a really good think about as I was looking for somewhere that could take my most important files that I could not lose (Pictures being the main one as I have learnt the hard way in the past).

Now I know some will be thinking why not just have an external hard drive attached to your mac or pc, well if anyone has ever watched The Tech Guy with Leo Laporte over at the network and someone asks him the same question he always explains to them for your most important files you should have at least 2 copies of your most important documents. Personally I have severalportable hard drives ranging from 250GB to 500GB I also have a USB Dock that I can put standard hard drives into but my absolute favourite is my Synology 211J Diskstation which plugs into my home network and any machine on the network can access and share files.

Synology DiskStation DS211j400

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