Shinntto 5 in 1 Camera Connection kit for all iPads

Whenever I buy an iPad there is always an accessory that I like to have which is an SD Card reader so I can load the pictures onto my iPad and then upload to the NAS etc. Now if you look at Apple’s prices for these items are always a little on the steep side with the current lightning adaptor clocking in around £25 which for what you get is ridiculous. You cannot plug any memory cards into it and I will tell you further in the next post about this. Continue reading

Stream your favourite TV Shows and Movies from other countries for free

There is an app for that!!

So you want to watch your favourite TV shows and if you are like me they happen to be in the US. I love to watch airplane repo on the discovery channel but without using a virtual private network or VPN as it is more commonly known I have no chance as they are blocked for various reasons unless you reside in that particular country. With that in mind after doing a little digging around I have found a solution that works reasonably well and it is very very simple to setup and within a few steps you can be up and running and watching your favourite TV shows with in minutes.

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Review CPR CallBlocker

We have all had those calls right? You know the ones the ppi, the free loft insulation (even though I dont have a loft) or cavity insulation ones and the ones I hate most the silent ones that when you pick up the phone and the line goes dead just to mention a few.

This is where CPR CallBlocker comes in and as you can guess by the name it blocks all those annoying calls that you have come to dread receiving. Now CPR CallBlocker is a very small device that sits unobtrusively inbetween your phone’s master socket and the phone itself. As you can see from the picture below it is very small and compact so it will fit virtually anywhere. The current version is v106.

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Applify your life with Parallels Access

Parllels Access

Earlier this week Parallels released Parallels Access for iPad. Parallels has been allowing us to use Windows Applications on the Mac for a while now via Parallels Desktop and then into iOS with Parallels Mobile and now Parallels Access.

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