How to play Blu Ray disks on your PC under VLC Media Player 2

This is a quick tutorial on how to play blu ray disks on your pc or laptop using your blu ray reader/writer and VLC Media Player 2.

Now I have done this under Windows 7 but pretty much all windows versions are the same.

You will also need the two files required and you can get them from here

Before we get started when I got these files it is experimental and you may find some blu ray disks may not play but the two blu ray disks I have tried worked fine (Gamer and Sherlock Holmes Season 1) however you do not get a menu it just plays the film.

First off you need to create a folder in C:users/yourname/appdataroaming and call it aacs. Once created you will need to put the KEYBD.cfg file in here (normally appdata is hidden by default so you may need to unhide it by going into tools, folder options then view and tick show hidden files and folders).

Then put the 2nd file libaacs.dll into your VLC folder in C:Program Files/ (X86)VIDEOlanvlc.

Pop a disk into your blu ray reader/writer then open vlc and click on Media and then open disk and if it can play your disk it should then start playing like this:-

Hope this has been useful to someone :)